Business Solution

Our professional team will listen to you, then find out a SMART solution to solve your business pain-point. 我們的專業團隊會聆聽你的問題,然後因應不同的業務情況找出最佳的智能方案。

Smart Solution  

Cam, smoke; Gas; CO & Water Detector are basically designed by ZigBee wireless system. Whenever the Gas leakage happened, the Gas detector will send the warning message to client’s mobile phone and shut down the Gas pipe automatically.

鏡頭; 煙霧; 二氧化炭及水監察器等,全部是用 “ZigBee” 無線電系統研發。當有任何氣體洩漏情況發生,監察器會自動發出提示到客人的流動電話,和立即關閉有關氣體裝置。

We integrate different sensors, detectors, wireless system and reactors according to different scenarios. The system data would be customized, collected and transmitted to any designated devices. Clients can real time monitor the signal, or even applying cloud technology to analyze the system data through their server.